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2020 Upland Dog Training Opportunities with Lone Sage Bird Dogs

2020 Upland Dog Training Opportunities with Lone Sage Bird Dogs

Dog Training Opportunities

Dog Training Options

Every year we have a limited amount of training slots throughout the spring and summer for your future hunting partner. Dogs of all experience levels are welcome as we will tailor a specific training plan for your pup that meets your desired hunting goals.

Puppy Program:  This is a one month training plan for puppies 16 weeks an older to 8 month old dogs with limited experience.  This will be the most critical training period in your young pups' life.  Many trainers unknowingly get this part wrong, and create gun shy dogs.  During this month long training we will properly introduce the pup to birds, gunfire, the HERE command, and the hunting field.  We will also work on retrieving daily.  At the end of this program you will have a pup with a solid foundation that will point birds, and you can confidently shoot over him. 

Broke Dog: The Broke Dog program will be 3 months in duration.  This is for older dogs and puppies who are mature enough to take the next level of training. At the end of this program your dog will be able to demonstrate HEEL, WHOA, be steady to wing, steady to shot, and steady to release.  Your dog will also be started on backing other pointing dogs. 

Hunt Camp:  This is a very special program at LSBD.  Each fall there are several slots for client dogs that will be ran on wild birds across the Northwest for 3-5 weeks. They will continue their training while hunting, and are guaranteed to hunt every other day.

Training Plan

Why go with Lone Sage Bird Dogs training program?

  • No more than 10 dogs in training at any time to ensure quality of care and individual attention. 
  • Each dog will get daily:

    1) supervised enclosed acreage socialization/run time.

    2) Bird dog training.

    3) Specific timed cardio in road’ing on quad, MTB loop, and/or swimming.

  • Professional and kind interactions.  Transparent and timely communications on your pups’ progress.

At Lone Sage Bird Dogs we are able to provide a comprehensive training program for upland bird dogs that is rooted in patience, consistency, and repetition.  LSBD will distinguish itself from others by providing a holistic approach that includes socialization, targeted exercise, and proven positive training methods. Please call for available training slots or additional information.